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Carpet Cleaning & Rug Cleaning York, PAWe spend a lot of time on our carpets! Just take a second and think about all of the steps taken, meals eaten, and memories made over your carpets. We all know that keeping a clean home is important for many reasons but keeping your floors clean, and especially your carpet, is probably one of the most important things you can do. If you think about it, your flooring is the largest surface area in your home, and think about what it has to endure! Now imagine your kids laying down in front of the tv to relax after school laying in all the stuff you walked on all day!

Why Choose ASJ For Your York, PA Carpet Cleaning?

ASJ Carpet Cleaning York, PAWith more that 20 years serving York, PA residences and business owners, ASJ offers superior quality and professional service for all your carpet care and carpet cleaning needs! Our use of truck mounted equipment and hot water extraction ensures the best results possible! Our service techs complete a full analysis of your carpet and its condition. After identifying the high traffic and heavy soil areas, pre-treatments and spot cleaners are used to make sure to get all of those stubborn stains lifted! We also have IICRC certified restoration technicians that help if you are dealing with pet odor control issues or water damage.

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ASJ also provides a lot of resources to York, PA residences with tips, tricks and recommendations to keep your carpets clean and looking great! Feel free to browse some of the topics below for more information!

[sisaccordion][sistoggle title=’Stain Prevention and Treatment’ desc=’red wine stain on carpet - professional carpet cleaning service york, PAStains are one of the most frustrating things to encounter! We are always posting tips and tricks on our blog for all for all sorts of stuff, but there is a whole carpet cleaning category as well! If you are looking to get rid of stains or want to know how to deal with them when they happen check out our blog post on “How to safely remove all kinds of annoying carpet stains”. Of course we also have specialized services to help eliminate stains if you have exhausted all of the home remedies. ‘][sistoggle title=’Proper Carpet Care & Maintenance’ desc=’Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Maintenance & Care | York, PAKeeping up with your carpets can be a little exhausting at times! While there is no substitute for good ol fashion hard work, there are some things to reduce how hard the works has to be! Once again, I direct you to our blog. There is a whole carpet cleaning category there that you can browse and find all kinds of tips and resources for properly caring for and maintaing your carpets!’][/sisaccordion]