Professional Cleaning Services

For more than 20 years ASJ has provided professional cleaning services to South Central PA & Northern Maryland. Our commitment to quality and customer service has landed us a reputation as one of the preeminent commercial cleaning services in our territory, and our residential cleaning services are second to none!

Keeping a clean living space & working space is important for so many reasons. Utilizing our residential cleaning services can reduce the need for major repairs and can extend the life of things around the house like pavement and rain gutters. Our commercial cleaning services and office cleaning services go beyond reducing cost, but also make sure you leave an impression on your customers or business partners and increase morale and productivity with your staff.

At ASJ we promise to provide you with friendly, professional cleaning services in a timely fashion. We have handpicked our technicians to provide the highest level of service because creating long-term relationships with our customers is our most valued asset. Feel free to browse our different cleaning services listed above and let us know how we can handle your cleaning needs!

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Modern carpets are designed to be very durable and long-lasting but they still need to be cleaned! Assuming you take care to vacuum regularly, and spot clean spills and problem areas quickly, you should consider a professional carpet cleaning every 8-14 months.

Window Cleaning

Clean windows improve your vision to the outside world and improve the world’s vision of your building. We will clean the interior & exterior glass of your building, keeping your glass streak free & clean.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning is what our business was founded on and what we have continued to excel in. We employ top quality service representatives and use a wide variety of cleaning tactics, chemicals and high-end equipment to clean your office, warehouse or commercial facility quickly and efficiently. Our core values are simple; provide friendly, professional and high quality service at competitive pricing.

Pressure Washing

Why spend thousands of dollars on replacing siding or building a new deck when we could make yours look brand new? ASJ has been providing pressure washing services for over 20 years now. Our thoroughly trained technicians have mastered the art of properly cleaning almost any exterior surface.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Properly cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors will protect a major investment into your home or business. We offer the proper treatment methods and deep cleaning solutions to get the deep down dirt and grime out to restore your hardwoods back to their original shine!

Floor Cleaning Services

Clean floors have a significant impact on your home or business. Keeping your floors clean will protect the investment in your property, help avoid slips and falls, help maintain a sanitary environment for your employees or family members and leave a lasting impression on your customers, business partners or guests.

Residential Cleaning

At ASJ we strive to provide a service for those who do not have the time or the capability to deep clean those tough surfaces that might out of reach or that require special equipment to clean. Our residential team is committed to providing friendly, prompt and professional house cleaning services!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

ASJ understands that commercial carpet cleaning is more than just cleaning your floors, it’s protecting your investment. A regular carpet cleaning maintenance will prolong your carpets lifespan and keep it looking as beautiful as the day it was installed.

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