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Carpet Cleaning Is Tricky, Especially When It Comes To Stains

Whether it was Jr. spilling that glass of grape juice or fido leaving you a tightly coiled present, carpet stains can be stubborn and infuriating. Carpet stains come in many shapes and sizes, caused be just about any substance you can think of. Gum, beverages, dirt & mud, paint, urine, feces, and the list goes on. There are a few basic tricks that you can apply to safely remove stains from your carpet, but not all stains can be lifted. Contacting a local carpet restoration and cleaning professional might be needed but here are some tricks you can try at home first!

Proper Stain Removal Techniques

The first thing to do is to assess what kind of stain you have and figure out how deep it has penetrated your carpet. Do so quickly though because the longer a stain sits the larger the odds that it will make it to the backing and turn into a permanent stain.

If it is a liquid, you will want to make sure that you start from the outside edge of the stain and work your way to the center. This will prevent the stain from spreading and becoming a larger eyesore! Begin by blotting the stain but make sure you do not rub. This could damage the fibers of your carpet and even if you get the stain out your pile will look funky where the stain once was.

Of course there are a lot of different carpet cleaning solutions on the market but if you find yourself with a stain and no cleaner in the house, you can make your own! Start with a large container of warm water and add approximately 1 tsp of dish soap and 1 tsp of vinegar. Place a small amount of the solution on the stain and let it sit for 10 min before blotting it up. This step may need to be repeated until the stain is lifted. Be careful not to oversaturate the stain with your solution though as it will increase the odds of the stain reaching the backing and turn the stain permanent! You might also want to test the solution on a sample area like inside a closet or on a remnant, if you have it, to make sure that the color does not bleed or fade.

If you run into stains that are a little more on the solid side (i.e. gum, tar, paint), use a spoon or a dull knife to break as much of the solid loose before beginning the process above. Remember, all stains will not be treatable in this fashion and you might need to contact a local carpet cleaning service. Even then, there is no guarantee that they will be able to get it up. It might require the assistance of a professional carpet restoration company!

Stain Didn’t Come Out? Call A Professional

The IICRC (Institute Of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification) likens hiring a non certified carpet restoration company to repair a stubborn stain to a doctor without the proper credentials diagnosing an ailment. A certified professional has the tools and training to restore your carpets back to what they were before fido was housebroken. IICRC certified technicians can perform everything from odor therapy to re-patching the carpet with a seamless look so you would never know that there was ever any damage!

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