Storm and Wind Damage Restoration Services

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From thunderstorms and tropical storms to hurricanes and tornadoes, these events have caused tens of billions of dollars worth of damage throughout the nation. Wind alone causes more insured property damage every year than anything else. With wind come lightning, hail and rain. All of these weather events have the ability to cause major property damage. These events are hard to avoid but when they do occur, it’s nice to know ASJ is by your side. ASJ is here to help you with all of your storm and wind damage related services.

Storm and Wind Damage Restoration

Heavy rain, powerful wind and even the occasional hurricane and tornadoes occur in Southern Pennsylvania. These events can all create property damage to your home. You can trust ASJ to restore your life and your peace of mind after your property has been damaged by a storm. Below, you can learn more about our storm and wind damage restoration services and what to do when you experience storm related damage.



The strong winds that come with many storms can throw tree limbs and other debris around with ease. When you call ASJ after a storm, the first thing we’re going to do is begin the removal process. Our expert team will begin to remove fallen trees, branches and limbs from your roof, fence, driveway, etc.


Temporary Repairs

The second step of our process would be to begin temporary repairs. These are repairs that are needed right away. For example, busted out windows would need boarded up for the time being until more permanent repairs can be made or and adjuster can get out to assess the damage.


Permanent Repairs

After an adjuster is able to assess the damage or once you’re ready, ASJ will come in and start making permanent repairs. Such as replacing windows, installing shingles, roof, etc. ASJ has access to a wide variety of roofing and siding materials and can help fix all of your storm and wind related damages.



Our professional crews can apply their knowledge and cutting edge technology to clean any mess weather damage may have left behind. We take pride in leaving your home in better condition than it was before the storm.


Here are a few tips for preventing storm damage when you know a storm is coming or you’re heading into a known stormy season:


Have gutters and downspouts and outside drains cleaned of leaves and debris. Check street drains as well. This can help prevent flooding and the potential for water damage.


If you have a sump pump, have an alternate power source in the event of power loss, so that any excess water is sure to be removed correctly.


Any contents and possessions that you have stored in crawl spaces and basements should be placed in plastic totes on shelves above the floor to protect them if flooding were to occur.

We recieved a terrible phone call saying one of our units was on fire. When we got there soot was all over the walls, floor, windows, furniture, kitchen floor and carpets. It wasn’t long before Dave Runkle from Asj walked in, introduced himself and explained to us how Asj could help us with the restoration and cleanup. Asj forwarded us and our insurance company a very detailed, itemized list of all the work to get the apartment back to livable conditions again.
Asj started work on Monday and within a week the apartment looked fantastic. They cleaned, painted and washed everything. They cleaned windows, replaced the front door and kitchen floor and cleaned the carpets to. They took great pride in their work and wanted to satisfy us. I had a few questions throughout the process and Dave and his team was always avilable no matter what time of the day it was. I recommend Asj Emergency Restoration as a company with great customer service who’ll be there to help when you feel overwhelmed.

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