Sewage Mitigation Services 

One Call, Problem Solved!

Sewage water and wastewater contain huge amounts of bacteria as they host the perfect growth environment. Sewage spills can pose a significant threat to human health and make you susceptible to serious illnesses. Sewage Spills require immediate and appropriate action and that’s why we offer a 24-7 emergency response service. If you suffer from a sewage mishap – contact the pros at ASJ Emergency Restoration & Cleaning.

Our trained team of experts will assist you promptly and immediately start the containment process, removal of waste mess, provide thorough decontamination, disinfecting and deodorization, then discard of contaminated materials.

How Serious Is The Mess?

The level of Contamination depends on the type of sewage spill. Some aspects to consider are: structural parts effected, building use, how long the area has been effected, etc.. In most cases dealing with sewage spills, it’s better to be safe and contact a professional to ensure your safety and well-being.

Stop The Damage

Sewage is one of the hardest spills to thoroughly clean. It can cause severe damage to your land, valuables, and home as well as cause illnesses. ASJ Emergency Restoration & Cleaning professionals are well trained to disinfect and de-odorize your contaminated area helping to minimize potential health hazards and salvage unharmed materials. We understand sewage spills are a stressful disaster and that’s why we’re here to help.


Why Call the Pros?

Most sewage spills are not only nasty and challenging to clean, but you need professional equipment to do so properly. Even though the mess might appear to be gone, leftover residue of mildew and bacteria can be left behind causing more problems than what it’s worth. ASJ Emergency Restoration & Cleaning offers a 24-7 Emergency Response Service to assist you with any accidents – so give us a call today for a free consultation.

We recieved a terrible phone call saying one of our units was on fire. When we got there soot was all over the walls, floor, windows, furniture, kitchen floor and carpets. It wasn’t long before Dave Runkle from Asj walked in, introduced himself and explained to us how Asj could help us with the restoration and cleanup. Asj forwarded us and our insurance company a very detailed, itemized list of all the work to get the apartment back to livable conditions again.
Asj started work on Monday and within a week the apartment looked fantastic. They cleaned, painted and washed everything. They cleaned windows, replaced the front door and kitchen floor and cleaned the carpets to. They took great pride in their work and wanted to satisfy us. I had a few questions throughout the process and Dave and his team was always avilable no matter what time of the day it was. I recommend Asj Emergency Restoration as a company with great customer service who’ll be there to help when you feel overwhelmed.

P Groft

Have A Sewage Problem?

A sewage backup can be pretty nasty. Let the professionals at ASJ take care of the mess for you the proper way!