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There’s a good chance that at some point in your life you have encountered mold. It may have been in your old, damp basement, or in your shower, or even on a stale piece of bread you let sit around too long. Mold is all around us. There are both good and bad molds. Sometimes the bad molds need to be taken care of and eliminated. ASJ can take care of all of your mold remediation and inspection needs. 

Mold… What is it?

There’s a good chance that at some point in your life you have encountered mold. It may have been in your old, damp basement, or in your shower, or even on a stale piece of bread you let sit around too long. Mold is all around us. There are over 100,000 species of mold located throughout the world. Mold is simply a microscopic life form that is part of the natural decay process of organic materials. There are good molds and bad molds. The bad ones are those that grow indoors and become a problem to both home and business owners all over the world. Mold spreads rapidly and produces an unpleasant musty odor.


ASJ’s Mold Remediation Experts



Find the source of the mold to make sure you know what caused the mold and the best course of restoration possible


Professional written analysis and removal recommendations


Air and surface lab testing to determine mold toxicity


Permanent mold decontamination and removal


Final mold spore test to ensure complete remediation


Complete restoration – reconstruction and remodel


Fungicidal protective coating application to prevent future mold growth

Mold can effect both the health and quality of life of those exposed to it. If mold is left to grow, it can cause discoloration and structural damage to building materials. Mold grows very rapidly and a large enough amount can impact indoor air quality and cause harm to those with respiratory issues such as asthma and many others.

What Should You Do?

From the time water enters your home from either a plumbing leak, roof leak, or any other type of water intrusion. Mold can begin to grow in as little as 48 hours. There are actually many other ways for it to grow such as poor ventilation and humidity levels. Water intrusion is just the most common source we see. Acting promptly is the best way to prevent its spread and to ensure no further damage is encountered. By locating and identifying the source of the water and beginning a rapid drying process, mold growth can be diminished. Professional water damage restoration can often times be the difference between a small water problem vs a large mold issue that can damage a structures integrity. ASJ’s certified professionals use the latest water restoration and drying techniques to ensure quality results. Check out our water damage and restoration page for more information on our water restoration services. If you believe water is entering your home or mold has began to grow, give us a call. We will immediately set up a time to meet with you to properly access the damage.

Identify, Inspect, and Remove 

 If we observe mold, we will respond appropriately and begin reporting our observations back to you. For many small mold jobs, usually smaller than 10 square feet of contaminated area, we can eliminate the need for testing. Often times, a visual inspection will allow us to access the issue so we can act promptly to eliminate it. Larger mold jobs can sometimes require indoor air quality and surface testing to determine the molds toxicity levels. ASJ has Certified Mold Inspectors in house that can help you through every step of the way if those test are needed. Our goal is to work with you at your convenience to establish procedures and eliminate your mold situation the best way possible.

ASJ works with certified mold testing facilities and can provide inspection, laboratory analysis and remediation plans to best serve your situation. We can identify and eliminate not only the source of the mold, but can put the proper procedures in place to ensure its growth is eliminated.

If you have recently experienced water intrusion into your home or business. Or even if you notice a musty smell or believe you visually see mold growth happening around you. Don’t hesitate to call the professionals at ASJ to ensure your problem is a small one. Solving problems, it’s what we do.


We recieved a terrible phone call saying one of our units was on fire. When we got there soot was all over the walls, floor, windows, furniture, kitchen floor and carpets. It wasn’t long before Dave Runkle from Asj walked in, introduced himself and explained to us how Asj could help us with the restoration and cleanup. Asj forwarded us and our insurance company a very detailed, itemized list of all the work to get the apartment back to livable conditions again.
Asj started work on Monday and within a week the apartment looked fantastic. They cleaned, painted and washed everything. They cleaned windows, replaced the front door and kitchen floor and cleaned the carpets to. They took great pride in their work and wanted to satisfy us. I had a few questions throughout the process and Dave and his team was always avilable no matter what time of the day it was. I recommend Asj Emergency Restoration as a company with great customer service who’ll be there to help when you feel overwhelmed.

P Groft

Do You Have Mold?

If you have mold in your property or even if you think you might… give ASJ a call. We offer free visual estimates and can always find a way to take care of your mold problem! 

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