Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Services

One Call, Problem Solved!

A fire in your home is one of the most physically destructive and emotionally devastating events that one can experience. Our 24/7 emergency teams are on stand by to work quickly to minimize structural damage to your home or business. We quickly begin salvage on items that can be restored or reused in the rebuild of your damaged property.

After The Fire Is Out

The fire is out and the emergency responders are gone, but now what? Your first call should be to an emergency Fire Damage Restoration company. Upon arrival, certain steps should be taken to make sure that no further damage can occur.


Find the source of the fire to make sure you know what caused the fire and the best course of restoration possible


Identify the areas that were damaged from emergency service crews putting the fire out


Reviewing the contents of the home or business to determine what is salvagable


Carefully pack content to be taken for specialty cleaning and deodorizing or storage


Begin structural restoration

  • Removing charred wood and insulation
  • Removal of odor and soot damaged surfaces
  • Removing and replacing damaged flooring & sub flooring
  • Cleaning all surfaces of soot
  • Cleaning all surfaces of smoke damage and sealing to eliminate remaining odor.

Replace content after thourough cleaning to original location in your home or business

The most important thing is to remember to contact a professional fire restoration company as quickly as possible. Fire damage restoration is very involved and the last thing you want is for things to get worse. Cleaning up the soot residue quickly is critical. Soot can cause a lot of damage and timing is critical. If not properly treated, metal fixtures such as faucets can suffer permanent damage within hours; the acid from soot can cause permanent staining on carpet fibers, appliances and fiberglass bathroom fixtures within days; metal begins to corrode and rust within days; any glass or crystal that is in the property can suffer irreversible etching and pitting within days.

Certified Confidence

Our technicians are certified by the IICRC in Fire & Smoke damage restoration. You can trust that you will receive timely and quality work from us because we treat your property and its contents as if were our own!

Quality Processes = Quality Results

Our restoration and odor removal processes are scientifically proven techniques that have show the greatest success at mitigating smoke and fire damage. We keep home and business owners informed, helping to overcome their loss and restoring hope by explaining what can be saved and how. We make sure that you understand what is happening, what to expect, and what you can do.

We recieved a terrible phone call saying one of our units was on fire. When we got there soot was all over the walls, floor, windows, furniture, kitchen floor and carpets. It wasn’t long before Dave Runkle from Asj walked in, introduced himself and explained to us how Asj could help us with the restoration and cleanup. Asj forwarded us and our insurance company a very detailed, itemized list of all the work to get the apartment back to livable conditions again.
Asj started work on Monday and within a week the apartment looked fantastic. They cleaned, painted and washed everything. They cleaned windows, replaced the front door and kitchen floor and cleaned the carpets to. They took great pride in their work and wanted to satisfy us. I had a few questions throughout the process and Dave and his team was always avilable no matter what time of the day it was. I recommend Asj Emergency Restoration as a company with great customer service who’ll be there to help when you feel overwhelmed.

P Groft

Timing Is Critical!

Dont delay after enduring a fire, every minute counts and we are here to help all day every day!