Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Care

Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Care

Cleaning hardwood floors can be a bit tricky. You can dust mop and lay down store bought floor cleaners until you are blue in the face but essentially you are just smearing the dirt and dust around and pressing it further into the cracks and crevasses of the hardwoods. Not only that but you are also putting layer upon layer of a type of wax and oil that can damage your floors in the long run. This buildup basically becomes a hardened layer of mud and can leave an unsightly mess! Just take a look at the image to the right. You can see where the buildup has been scuffed and scratched away by high traffic and moving of furniture or other heavy objects around on the floor.  

Proper Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Properly cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors will protect a major investment into your home or business. ASJ offers the proper treatment methods and deep cleaning solutions to get the deep down dirt and grime out to restore your hardwoods back to their original shine. Just take a look at the same floor after we finished it here on the left! Click here to check out a case study on cleaning hardwood floors for more information! 

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Care for hardwood floors has a lot of variables and can be tricky, so make sure you contact ASJ to implement a proper maintenance plan for your wood floors. Click the request quote button below to set up a time for us to come out proivde you with your free quote! 

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