Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning in Hanover, York, Gettysburg, & Surrounding Area's

For more than 25 years, ASJ has been providing residential carpet cleaning services to the residents of Pennsylvania and Maryland.  Our certified technicians use only the best techniques to effectively treat whatever type of carpet you own. We use a combination of high-end portable carpet cleaning machines and truck mounted carpet cleaning systems to achieve the best results possible for your carpets.    

Why Use A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company?

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is the best way to properly care for and maintain your carpets appearance and lifespan. Store bought carpet cleaning systems don’t have the power or capability to get to get deep in your carpets fibers to eliminate stubborn stains, odors, and bacteria. These things are constantly lingering in your household and without proper treatment, will stick around and continue to cause problems. For more information on why you should hire ASJ for your next carpet cleaning, check out the carpet cleaning blog post on our blog! 

More Than Just Carpet Cleaning

ASJ also offers other great services that usually go hand and hand with carpet cleaning. If you’re thinking about having your carpets professionally cleaned, consider these great services as well:

Upholstery Cleaning – Cleaning your homes upholstery is tricky because it comes in all shapes and sizes. Just renting a machine and having at it can destroy the fibers and cause more harm than good. ASJ uses specialized solutions and treatments, coupled with the right kind of equipment, to ensure you end up with that “just purchased” feeling about your furniture.

Drapery Cleaning – With our truck mounted equipment, cleaning drapery is a snap! We can remove the dust and dirt that has been collecting without taking the drapes off the rod! 

Area Rug Cleaning –  Using the same process that we use on carpets, cleaning your area rugs isn’t a problem. If you’re looking to only have area rugs done and not carpets, you can even drop them off at our shop! Or, we can pick them up… whatever is best for you. 

For All Of Your Carpet Cleaning Needs

ASJ offers much more than just standard carpet cleaning. We also offer a variety of other services such as Scotchgard treatments, pet odor removal, enzyme treatments and much more! For all of your carpet cleaning needs… give ASJ a call! If you would like more information regarding our carpet cleaning services… check out our NEW carpet cleaning website over at ASJ Carpet Cleaning!

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