York PA Floor Cleaning Services

York, PA Floor Cleaning Services

Clean floors have a significant impact on your home or business. Keeping your floors clean will protect the investment in your property, help avoid slips and falls, help maintain a sanitary environment for your employees or family members and leave a lasting impression on your customers, business partners or guests. No matter how you look at it, clean floors are important!

ASJ has been providing floor cleaning services to York, PA for more than 20 years. Our technicians are highly trained to give your floors that shine that you look for! We clean all types of floors and provide a wide array of treatments for the best results such as:

  • Stripping & Waxing of Hard Floor Surfaces:
    From the floors in your bathroom to the 250,000 square foot department store, ASJ has got you covered. One of our specialties is hard floor care and we have over 20 years experience in this area.
  • Scrubbing & Recoating of Hard Floor Surfaces
    Just because your floor is starting to show some wear, doesn’t mean it needs stripped & waxed again. ASJ offers different maintenance programs to keep your cost down and your floors looking great at all times.
  • Floor Burnishing/Buffing
    This is the key to getting your floors to have a bright shine. This process is part of many of our maintenance programs and is performed in between the scrubbing & recoating process. Our technicians use the highest quality equipment to make sure that you always have that shine that you are looking for. Burnishing, or buffing, your floors will remove scuffmarks and hardens your finish extending its life and keeping your costs down.
  • Ceramic Tile Cleaning and Grout Sealing
    ASJ employs many different tactics to clean your tile and grout. Regular maintenance of your tile will prevent staining and keep your tile looking great for years to come. After a good cleaning ASJ can also provide a service to seal the grout in between your tiles to prevent staining.
  • Vinyl, Terrazzo & Concrete Floor Cleaning
    Regular mopping works great on these surfaces but what if you have an extremely large area of this type of flooring? As part of a regular maintenance program, ASJ has equipment that can significantly reduce the time it takes to wet mop, dry mop and scrub these types of floors. The machines and the cleaning solutions we use also increase the life span of your floor finish reducing your costs.
  • Hardwood Floor Care, Cleaning & Waxing
    Hardwood floors are an expensive investment made into any property. Protect your investment by making sure that you are putting regular maintenance into your hardwood floors. We have many different maintenance programs for hardwood floors. Care for this type of flooring has many different variables and can be tricky so make sure you contact ASJ to implement a proper maintenance plan your wood floors.