Installing new carpet in a commercial facility can cost thousands of dollars. It’s a huge investment that business owners and facility managers want to protect. What’s the best way to give your carpets a longer, healthier life? The answer is regular professional carpet cleaning.

We are often asked to clean commercial carpets that are visibly soiled. That’s not a problem and we’re happy to help, of course, but by the time you see that your carpet is dirty, like in hallways and doorways, the dirt and grit has been there doing plenty of damage for quite some time. The time to clean is before it looks like it really needs it.

A regular schedule of carpet cleaning – once every 6 months, for instance – can remove the visible dirt and the “hidden” dirt that can quickly erode your carpet. Getting rid of these culprits will improve the look of your floor and, more importantly, will make it more durable and extend its life.

Not only does cleaning freshen up the appearance of your carpet, but it also keeps the fibers from matting and crushing. This is a natural consequence of foot traffic, but a professional carpet cleaning will lift those fibers back where they’re supposed to be, and get all that dirt and grime that’s been matted down with it.

How Often Should You Clean Your Commercial Carpets?

Everything that finds its way onto your carpet contributes to dulling its appearance, giving it a stale odor, and eroding the strength of its fibers. If you have any of the following being tracked in and through your commercial facility, you may need to have it professionally cleaned every 4 to 6 months:

– Fine dirt and grit that’s present on most outdoor surfaces
– Winter salt from parking lots and walkways
– Residual oils from car exhaust, factories, etc.
– Sand from parking lots and certain types of production facilities
– Chemicals used on grass and in manufacturing plants

What Types Of Facilities Need More Frequent Cleaning?

For those facilities that have heavy foot traffic, prepare food or are open primarily to the elderly or young children will more than likely need professional carpet cleaning approximately every 3 months:

– Restaurants
– Daycare facilities
– Nursing homes
– Medical facilities
– Retail stores

The recommended carpet cleaning frequency’s talked about above are just recommendations. Every facility is different and, depending on the situation one facility that provides the same service may need professional carpet cleaning more frequent than another. You can reduce the frequency of commercial carpet cleaning somewhat by putting out protective floor mats around high-traffic locations and where food is prepared or eaten, like break rooms, water coolers, elevators and doorways.

If you’re interested in getting on a commercial carpet cleaning program, or even if you’re looking for a one time service, consider giving the professionals at ASJ a call. If you would like to receive a free estimate, click one of the “Get A Quote” buttons located throughout our site or simply give us a call!
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