November 27, 2013

To whomever is reading this ASJ services comes highly recommended from myself, the story goes like this. I own a two unit in Hanover, PA, the tenants reported a clog in the sewer line so of course I called a plumber, that’s where my trouble began. 9am Monday morning the plumber punched a hole in the cap at the clean-out because he couldn’t unscrew it, then everything started to flow, and I stood there watching, He proceeded to take off the cap and the sewer just flowed into the basement of the unit. Just use your imagination from here. The only thing the plumber did right was recommend ASJ for the clean up. They arrived within 30 minutes, gave an estimate, began work by 2pm the same day, and were done by 2 days later, it was remarkable. So much stress and worry was relived when ASJ came to help.