November 27, 2013

The purpose of this letter is to recommend the services of ASJ Imaging Systems, Inc. On October 18, 2011, my fuel oil company overfilled my tank, causing a considerable spill in my basement. The oil company was slow to respond to the spill and it took days to clean up the oil. As a result, I had a persistent odor all over my house and areas of my carpet were stained from the shoes of the workmen. I called ASJ after seeing their ad on Angie’s List, they were one of the only companies that listed oil spills as one of their areas of expertise for restoration. I had called another company, who came out to the house, but they admitted that they needed to Google oil spills in order to find out how to clean it properly. After I called, ASJ responded promptly, sending Casey Foreman, a project manager, to assess the damage. Ms. Foreman was professional and knowledgeable and I received her estimate promptly. When I presented the estimate to the oil company, they denied responsibility for the spill and said that they would not pay the amount of the estimate. Ms. Foreman and I talked and we agreed to a smaller area of basement floor to seal, limiting it only to the area that had actually been saturated by the oil.
We then agreed on a time for the work to be done, wince no one could be in the house during the fogging to remove the odor. Again, Ms. Foreman worked flexibly and closely with me to determine the days for the restoration to occur. ASJ sealed the affected area of concrete floor, fogged the basement and upstairs for the odor, cleaned my family room carpet, and cleaned the upholstery in the same room. About two weeks later, Ms. Foreman called to determine my satisfaction with the job. They were not going to bill me until I was satisfied. How unusual and what an outstanding business practice!
From start to finish, ASJ was responsive to my needs and knowledgeable about my dilemma. They kept in close contact with me and seemed genuinely concerned that my house be restored to its pre-spill condition. I couldn’t be happier with their work and level of communication with me. I highly recommend ASJ for any cleaning or restoration needs. Feel free to contact me if you need any further information.