November 27, 2013

Thank you so very much for the excellent service the Asj staff of professionals provided in responding to the unexpected water crisis that woke me at 3:25 AM on Friday, March 25th. Finding a flooded first floor was a bit traumatic, and so I would like to thank you again for your prompt response to my call for help in cleaning up, drying and restoring the first floor of my home to its original status. (However, I can’t help but mention that your furniture arrangement really improved the appearance of my living room and gave me much more living space.)
The Asj staff not only arrived soon after I called for help, but took the time to explain the whole restoration process; were here every day for the 7 days of drying; and (as I was away the last two days of the process) restored my downstairs beautifully. I highly recommed Asj to others and would be happy to confirm them should there be anyone seeking more informaiton on my experience in working with Asj.