Gettysburg PA Pressure Washing

  • Hot Water & Cold Water Pressure Systems
    Pressure washing of your exterior property will produce amazing results. ASJ offers both hot & cold water pressure cleaning. Our commercial truck mounted system can handle any cleaning job. From an entire shopping plaza to cleaning your lawn furniture is no problem.
  • Wood, Vinyl & Aluminum Siding Cleaning
    If your building is protected by siding ASJ will restore its beauty so it looks like new again. Exterior elements such as algae and dust tend to collect and attach themselves to the siding leaving it dull and unsightly. Allow ASJ the opportunity to restore the natural beauty of your property.
  • Brick, Stone & Dryvit Cleaning
    If your building is protected by brick, stone or dryvit let ASJ bring back the natural beauty of your home. Stone & brick are porous materials allowing foreign material to embed itself to these surfaces. Pressure washing will release these obstacles and leave your home looking new again.
  • Shingled & Metal Roof Cleaning
    Roofs are exposed daily to acid rains & dirt. Does your roof have dark areas, green algae’s or black streaks on it? ASJ will restore your roof by applying calbrite to the roof and then pressure washing it. Algae’s grow on roofs in the areas where the sun doesn’t shine. Examine your roof, these algae’s attach to the surface and will actually begin to deteriorate the areas where it grows This chemical will inhibit the regrowth of these algae’s keeping your roof looking better and lasting longer.
  • Sidewalks, Patios, Foundations & Retaining Wall Cleaning
    Concrete is another area that tends to look bad after awhile. Sidewalks & patios are beautiful when new but after time they begin to attract dirt and gum ruining their appearance. ASJ’s hot water system will even remove the gum and any sticky residue that gum leaves behind.
  • Wooden or Trex Deck Cleaning
    Many homes and restaurants have decks. This area is designed to be an outside retreat area. Decks are a place to relax and enjoy the nice weather. Both wooden & trex decks will attract dirt, mold & algae’s. Wooden decks will turn dark and gray, leaving you deck very unsightly. Using calbrite as we use on roofs we will restore these areas. Decks are a major investment for most of us and why not keep these areas clean and beautiful.
  • Fences, Lawn Furniture & Awning Cleaning
    Fences, lawn furniture & awnings are just another area of our expertise. Keep your investments looking new with the professional pressure washing services of ASJ.