Gettysburg, PA Carpet Cleaning Services

ASJ has been providing both residential and commercial carpet cleaning services to the South Central PA area for more than two decades now! Our certified technicians know exactly what techniques to use to effectively treat whatever type of carpet you own. We have all the latest technology available in the industry to provide you with the best possible results for your carpet.

Why Use A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company?

Why not go out and buy a carpet cleaning machine from your local store so you can do it yourself? Well, the majority of store bought or rent-able carpet cleaning machines do not have the power or capability to get stains, odors and dirt out. With high quality equipment you see better results! We not only have the equipment, but our knowledgeable technicians know exactly which treatment to use for your carpet material. Using the wrong treatment on a carpet that doesn’t allow for that treatment can be catastrophic. For more information on why you should hire ASJ for your next carpet cleaning, check out the Carpet Cleaning posts on our blog!

More Than Just Carpet Cleaning

We also provide other cleaning services that usually go great with carpet cleaning! If you are looking at having you carpets professionally cleaned, consider these great services as well:

[sisaccordion][sistoggle title=’Upholstery Cleaning’ desc=’Upholstery Cleaning and stain removal York & Hanover, PAUpholstery is tricky because it comes in all shapes and sizes. Just renting a machine and having at it can destroy the fibers and cause more damage than good. We use specialized solutions and treatments, coupled with the right kind of equipment, to make sure that you end up with that “just purchased” feeling about your furniture’][sistoggle title=’Drapery Cleaning’ desc=’Drapery Cleaning Services York & Hanover, PAWith our truck mounted equipment cleaning drapery is a snap! We can remove the dust and dirt that has been collecting without taking the drapes off of the rod!’][sistoggle title=’Duct Cleaning’ desc=’Duct Cleaning Hanover & York, PAMaking sure to keep your ducts clean and clear of debris and allergens is an important part of keeping your loved ones safe as well as ensuring the health of your heating and cooling system. Cleaning your ducts is important to do as the seasons change.’][/sisaccordion]

If you reside in the Gettysburg area, or anywhere in the South Central PA or Northern MD area, count on ASJ for all your cleaning needs!