Puff Backs

Puff Back does not sound like an intimidating term but those who have experienced one would tell you otherwise. A Puff Back, simply put, is a misfire in your furnace. It can happen when an oil burner does not fire right away allowing vapors to build up and then finally the ignition fires creating an explosion in your furnace. Sever Puff Backs are rare but the damage is very real. It causes extensive damage to your heating system and will send soot throughout your home requiring extensive cleaning.

The problem with Puff Backs is that they can be a series of small events or one large event. The series of small events will not cause a noticeable issue until you start-noticing soot starting to accumulate on the ceilings and walls of your home. The large event would be very evident.

Our restoration specialists have undergone specific training and are certified in cleaning the soot and smoke residue that is left after a Puff Back. If you have experienced this unfortunate event the best thing to do is to not attempt to clean the damage on your own. Typical household cleaners and sponges/cloths simply smear the residue around exacerbating your problem. ASJ has the proper equipment and training to eradicate the problem!