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Mold Inspection and Testing

Mold Testing and Inspection Services

Are you worried about mold growth in your building? ASJ offers mold inspection and testing services for both residential and commercial facilities. Small amounts of visible mold found by a home inspector can be enough to stop a sale. In many cases, minor mold can be readily handled. The main concern with mold is airborne exposure. Airborne mold is not visible to the naked eye and can spread rapidly without notice. ASJ has in house certified mold inspection and testing experts that will carry out all inspection and testing procedures. Of course, where extensive visible mold is obvious, there may not be a need for mold testing. In many cases, a mold inspection is all that is needed. Here are some of the mold inspection and testing services we offer:

Mold Inspection and Testing Services

  • FREE Visual Inspections
  • Professional Written Analysis and Removal Recommendations
  • Air and Surface Lab Testing To Determine Mold Toxicity
  • Final Mold Spore Test To Ensure Complete Remediation

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