Content Pack Out & Storage

Throughout the restoration and rebuild process it may be necessary to remove your personal property from your home or business for better restoration and for storage until the structural repairs are completed. Contents removed are inventoried, packed, processed and stored. From the boxes and tape to the transportation and storage; we provide full service personal property packing and moving.

  • All personal property is organized and inventoried with meticulous care.
  • Ozone oxidizing gas is used to destroy organic odor molecules such as smoke and protein. Ozone is the most effective method of deodorizing any area or material because as it oxidizes bacteria and viruses, it kills the organisms responsible for causing unpleasant odors. We use an Ozone Chamber designed and built for safe and efficient processing of furniture and content.
  • After the personal property is processed, it is then stored in a secure and climate controlled facility until construction is complete and the homeowner is prepared for its return