Location, Location, Location…Ohh yea, and curb appeal

Exterior Remodeling Services | Roof Replacements | Windows | Gutter Replacement | Siding ReplacementThere is a reason why realtors make it such a point to talk about curb appeal with a seller. It is the first thing a buyer notices. So it stands to reason that it is probably the first thing you notice when you pull into your driveway at the end of a long workday. Problem with exteriors, they are exposed to the elements and, if not kept up with, will eventually start to deteriorate. Siding, windows, doors, roofs; all of these pieces of our home make a huge difference in the way our home looks and feels.

After the winter we just experienced, you probably didn’t notice your homes exterior too much for two reasons. First, because it was so freakin cold outside that you spent as little time as possible outside, and two, because our homes were pretty much blanketed in snow the whole time. Now that the snow is gone and we are venturing out for grilling, gardening or whatever it is you do around your homes exterior for a good time, you might have noticed that things aren’t looking so hot. So what to do? Below are some great exterior remodeling project you can tackle that will give your home the curb appeal that you are looking for and make your home feel like, well, home!

Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement, Roofers working on roof in Hanover, PANot sure if you have ever heard the word lynchpin, but that is what a roof is to your house. Wikipedia provides this as one of the definitions for lynchpin; “The word “linchpin” is also used figuratively to mean “something that holds the various elements of a complicated structure together”. Plainly put, your roof provides protection and stability to your home. But it does so much more than just protect your home, it is also one of the largest surfaces on the outside of your home and can make a pretty big difference in the way it looks. You can create a whole new look and feel simply by changing the material used to compose a roof. Check out our roofing services page for more information on different materials you can use to really give your home a new look, with a new roof!

Siding Replacement

Siding on the exterior of a nice home in Hanover, PA | Adams County PASiding is another one of those things that is really important for keeping your home safe and protected, but also is the preverbal “face” of your home. One of the other great thing about siding is that it is a wise investment! In some cases, new siding can return almost %90 of the cost back into the value of your home. If replacing your siding is something you are looking into, make sure that you spend some time doing your homework though. With all of the advancements in materials and styles that available it can be a pretty tough decision making process, but totally worth it!

Gutter Replacement

Gutter Repairs and Replacement Hanover, PAOnce again, this piece of your exterior is vital to keeping your home from experiencing damage from rainwater. They can also be a big part of routing rainwater away from your landscaping and other investments that you have made around your home. Beyond the functional, gutters can really provide a pleasing look to a home. Contrasting colors and different materials are used to make these necessary devices give a home great curb appeal.

Exterior Painting

Hanover PA Painting Contractors | House Painting Hanover, PaPainting is a pretty obvious one. Paint will fade and chip over time and can really make a home look worn and tired. With paint it is not a question of if your will need to repaint, but when. Covering your home with a fresh coat of paint can really make all the difference in the world!



This list could surely go on forever as the possibilities are endless, but one thing is for sure, updating your homes exterior is a great investment into you and the value of your property!

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