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Interior Remodeling In York, PA

While winter is not the most conducive time of year for many remodeling projects such as siding, roofing and other exterior endeavors, home remodeling efforts can still take place in the winter months. Actually, there are quite a few that work better during the winter months. Consider any of these undertakings to keep your home improvement moving forward despite the cold weather.

Bathroom Remodeling In York, PA

Bathroom Remodeling in York, PA by ASJ Construction
Bathroom remodeling is an interior remodeling project that is great for the winter months. Your bathroom is the one room that nearly every one of your guests will visit. Nail the first impression by providing a comfortable, aesthetically-pleasing experience. Here are a few bathroom remolding projects you may want to consider:

– Install a new vanity and shower that fit your personality
– Update mechanical fixtures
– Modify layout to create more space
– Replace absorbent, dingy flooring materials
– Install a new tub or specialty sink
– Redesign your room’s lighting

Kitchen Remodeling In York, PA

Kitchen Remodeling in York, PA by ASJ Construction
Are you proud to show off your kitchen to family and friends, or do you dread working in it because of limited counter-space, outdated cabinets, or a constantly malfunctioning sink? Your kitchen should be a room that brings your family together, has plenty of room for entertaining guests, and makes preparing meals an enjoyable experience. If not, then it may be time to consider some kitchen remodeling this winter. Here are a few common kitchen remodeling projects we work on:

– Replacing outdated cabinets
– Adding spacious pantries
– Installing marble/granite top islands for preparing dishes
– Updating/adding electrical outlets
– Open floor plans to create more space
– Redesigning lighting scheme to make work easier and more enjoyable

Update Your Flooring In York, PA

The winter season is great for installing new floors. Decreased humidity means there’s less of a chance for water damage and the drier air will reduce gaping, especially in hardwood floors. The winter air also ensures a quicker drying time for any adhesive involved. There aren’t too many examples of different flooring projects, but an experienced contractor should be able to give you advice on what flooring type would benefit you the most depending on the location, purpose and even personal preferences.

Basement Remodeling In York, PA

Basement Remodeling in York, PA by ASJ Construction
Remodeling a basement during the winter months has several benefits. Since the basement is underground, all work will be completed indoors meaning you won’t have to open any areas of the home to the elements like you would if you were having a new roof installed. In addition to the lower rates and availability of home remodeling contractors, winter air is less humid so the chance of mold forming on surfaces is much lower. Here are a few basement remodeling projects we receive the most demand for:

– Adding insulation
– Creating a special space such as a den, theater, game room, etc.
– Redesigning floor plan to create more space
– Relocating lighting to give the illusion of more space
– Add extra living space for a fraction of the cost of building out or up

The talked about projects above are just a few of the many interior remodeling projects that you can tackle this winter. If you’re thinking about starting an interior remodeling project this winter, consider giving the professionals at ASJ a call. ASJ has been providing services to the south central PA and northern MD area for more than 25 years! Our team of professional remodeling contractors will be able to walk you through each step of your remodeling project and ensure it’s one you will love for years to come. If you would like to request a free estimate, click one of our “Get A Quote” buttons located throughout our site or simply call us at 717-632-2241!
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