Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Next Kitchen Remodeling Or Bathroom Remodeling Project?

A big question on every homeowners mind when considering a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project is “how do I get the most out of my remodeling project?”. With all of the DIY and “low cost” options out there, it is hard to know where to spend your money. DIY projects can come with an array of issues and budgets can quickly spin out of control. A professional has done this for years and can provide very accurate budgets to make sure that your project is done quickly and on budget. Another big mistake homeowners make is taking the lowest cost bid on the project. Remember, with remodeling, (and everything else in life for that matter) if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

So How do you get the most out of your remodeling project? Below we discuss some things to consider before breaking ground on your new kitchen or bathroom remodeling project!

Write Everything You Need & Want Down Before Your Start

Before you talk to any professionals about your project sit down and write out what your objectives for the remodel are. Whether that be more cabinet space in the kitchen or a custom walk in shower in the bathroom, it is important to know what first inspired your project. Doing this will also help the remodeling contractors and kitchen/bathroom designers you hire with creating the budget and prevent them from trying to make decisions for you.

Set A Budget & Stick To Your Guns

As a general rule you should not set a budget higher than 15% of your homes value on a kitchen remodel or 10% of your homes value on a master bathroom project. That being said, you also want to make sure that you are getting what you want. When completing the first step of writing everything down, you might want to take a look around at the materials you want to see in your new project. Your budget might dictate your ability to actually get those lovely accessories that you wanted but as long as your primary objectives are met and the contractor provides suitable alternatives you can still come out with a win!

Plan, Plan & Then Plan Some More

The longer time spent put into planning your project (picking materials, accessories, appliances, etc.) the less decisions you have to make on the spot. Having to make decisions mid remodel can slow things down and cause a lot of frustration, not to mention money!

Do You Really Need That?

Take a look on the web at different real estate sites for pictures of what other homes in your area have. Now ask yourself “Do I really need that super luxurious two person hot tub?” Chances are, if your neighbors don’t have one, you are probably are spending more money on it than it will return. On the other hand, if you plan on living in your home for a good long while and that beautiful hot tub will really improve the quality of your life, go for it!

Patience Is A Virtue

Reality TV has totally misconstrued it. The average kitchen remodel done correctly by a professional can take a while. The 48 hour remodel is never going to be a high quality job done right! Prepare yourself with things like a temporary kitchen by keeping some of your old cabinets from the demo and setting them up in your garage or basement. If they do not have tops on them try using plywood so you have working space and an area to place small appliances. Also, create a list of take out restaurants you always wanted to try and make a journey out of it. Another great idea is to take pictures of your project as it progresses and place them on a progress board in the room you are remodeling. This will keep spirits up and keep you excited to see the finished product!
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