Being Cramped Sucks!

Space, the final frontier. After spending hours browsing the web looking for ways to create more living space in your home you might feel like generating extra square footage is a work of science fiction. But it doesn’t have to be! Custom Home Additions offer up a way to stay in the home you are in and get the added square footage you are looking for.

The reasons homeowners pine for extra square footage in their home is endless, so I won’t even go into the reasons why you might need the extra space. The simple fact is, if you are reading this, you are probably looking for a way to create more space in your home. The trick to successfully completing a custom addition is to make sure you are doing it for the right reasons and building on to the right place of your home.

Why Are You Considering A Custom Home Addition?

Just like any other home remodeling project you always want to start by writing down your end goal, why you are doing this to begin with. Think it through and document all of the features that you would like to see in the new addition. Browse the web and look at examples of other work. Make sure the space is going to be functional and enjoyable. A typical mistake is contacting a contractor before you have an idea of exactly what you are looking for. Don’t get me wrong, you will probably have to make some consolations due to budget or a plethora of other reasons, but having a wish list ensures that you know what you want before you start!

Where To Build Your Home Addition

One of the great things about a custom home addition is that the possibilities are endless. You can build up, out, detached or go completely unique! If you have already followed my advice from above you have probably browsed some pretty impressive galleries of home additions that people have completed on their homes. I have seen everything from bowling alleys to modern looking towers to wine cellars with LED lights and glass ceilings! Realistically you are probably just wanting a bigger kitchen or possibly just an extra bedroom or two. But where do you build?

Building Up:
Adding a second or third story is a great way to go but this isn’t like legos. You can’t just pull the roof off, add a second story then put the roof back on. However, most homes can handle the addition of a new level. All things considered, this is typically the less expensive route over building out though.

Building Out:
A great way to go but a little more labor intensive, in other words, more expensive. Building outward from your home gives you more options and creativity but there is one thing that you have to keep in mind, it needs a foundation. This will require more heavy equipment, more labor and more of your budget.

No matter how you slice it, custom home additions are the biggest project a homeowner can take on next to actually building a new home. But don’t fret too much, it also has a very high return on investment. In some cases you can even recover 100% of your investment if you decide to sell your home! It also affords you the ability to be completely creative and have full control over what you want out of your home.

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