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Top Reasons Why Granite Countertops Are A Great Choice!

As one of the hardest natural stones on earth, granite countertops are one of the most sought after items in a kitchen. When granite hit the scene it was very expensive, but pricing has come down significantly making this a great time to add this coveted item to your home! Below are some other great reasons why granite is a smart choice!

Great Durability & Long Lasting

Granite is amazingly hard and is second only to diamond as far as natural materials. It provides great heat resistance and is almost impervious to chipping, scratching and cracking. Because is is so hard it can usually outlast the kitchen around it and if you replace it, it will be because you want to, not because you have to.

Easy Clean-up

Granite counters provide a smooth easy to clean surface and resist bacteria and staining. They are naturally porous so they do require proper sealing and you should consider re-applying a seal annually. When properly installed and sealed regularly, cleanup is as easy as wiping them down with some soap and water. However, you should still address juice spills as quickly as possible!

Unique Beauty

If you want something that no other kitchen has, granite countertops are going to be a smart choice. Because it is natural stone there are no two identical pieces of granite. It also comes in a very wide array of colors and patterns to choose from. Installed properly, there are no seams making for a very attractive look. To top it off, the finish on most has an almost mirror like shine giving your kitchen that “clean” appearance!

Great Investment

Granite countertops can potentially return 100% of the investment back to your homes value. This means that your investment in granite countertops will never be in vain!

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