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It’s that time of the week again. You get out all of your cleaning supplies and start tidying up that mess the kids made over the weekend. You begin putting away everything that was left out. You fold blankets, pick up toys, maybe do some lite dusting. But, then it comes time to get out that old vacuum. Week after week you do the same vacuum  job you did the week before. On the surface, everything looks great! You truly believe that what you are doing is the right thing to do to properly clean your carpets. However, you may want to think again!

“But I Vacuum All The Time, Why Do I Need Professional Carpet Cleaning?”

Tired of scrubbing your carpets? Let a professional cleaning service do the dirty work! Hanover, PAAt most, you’re probably vacuuming twice a week. If you’re anything like me, than it’s more like once! For basic use, that’s fine. A vacuum does a good job of picking up that surface debris that lingers on top of your carpets. To the eye, everything looks good. But, there’s a lot of things your standard vacuum wont get. For instance, particles! A vacuum not only doesn’t eliminate particles such as, dust, pet dander, cockroach allergens and other various particles; they actually contribute to stirring them up. These particles can lead to complications with people with sleeping problems and conditions such as asthma. Carpets are also at high risk of mold development. Due to the high humidity levels, carpets are a good location for mold to grow. The problem is, you can’t even see it! There’s an easy solution though! Get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year.  A professional cleaning services will have all the equipment needed to properly clean your carpet. They use industrial vacuums, detergents, and fans that can eliminate problems you can’t handle on your own.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service, Hanover, PAThere are many benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. They will be able to identify the problems you are having and know the best route to take to eliminate the issue. They will save you both time and money by having you not go out and renting or purchasing cleaning equipment that won’t do a good job anyways. In some cases, these machines and spot treatments will actually end up harming your carpet. When you have a professional take care of your carpet, they will use chemicals that will actually contribute to pro-longing your carpets lifespan. Trust me, the longer you can go without replacing your carpet, the better! Most importantly though, it will save you! Properly cleaning your carpet can actually be physically demanding. Let the professionals who do it everyday take that load off your back.

So now that you’ve decided to hire the professionals to clean your carpet. It’s time to prepare for their visit. You really don’t have to do anything other than move fragile or valuable items from the area you are having cleaned. Some people may choose to vacuum or dust before they have the pros come, but in most scenarios it isn’t necessary. That’s it! When they show up, just let them know what areas you would like them to clean and let them get to work! With their machines your carpet will be dry and looking like new within a few hours.

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