Spring is here! The weather is gorgeous and it’s time to open the windows and start that spring cleaning. But where to start? What needs to be done? If you’re not sure exactly what needs to be cleaned, we’ve got the checklist just for you.

Spring Cleaning For The House


Vacuum and clean upholstered items and polish wooden items. Clean all dust and treat any problem areas (tears, knicks/scratches, rust spots, loose parts, etc.)

Vacuum/Wipe Down Walls and Ceilings

Start by vacuuming to remove as much loose dirt and dust as possible. Follow this with a soft cloth. Wash with water and soap mixture to clean really dirty areas.


Choose a quality duster that will trap and remove the dust (ex: microfiber cloth) rather than just spread it around. Dust all surfaces of your home including shelves, knick knacks, photos, lamp shades, door trim, window casings and ceiling fans.

Air Vents

Clean these yourself or have them professionally cleaned.


Vacuum everywhere including all floors and other areas that can quickly be dusted/cleared with vacuum attachments.

Shampoo Carpets and Rugs

Pretreat stained areas and then clean the entire area with a quality rug steam cleaner. If you have valuable/antique rugs, consult a professional before cleaning.


Clean the windows inside and out.


Dust and wipe down baseboards.

Drapes/Blinds/Window Treatments

Clean the drapes and blinds. If heavy winter drapes are used, remove, clean and store them. Replace with lighter warm weather window treatments.


Check Expiration Dates

Sort through cosmetics and prescriptions and discard all expired products.

Check Grout in Tile

The grout in tile can wear and become poroused. Regrout areas that are weak or damaged.

Bed Rooms

Change the Bedding

Now that the warmer temperatures are here, remove the flannel sheets and heavy blankets, wash them and store them. Replace them with lighter, warm weather bedding.

Flip the Mattress

To keep even wear on your mattress, it’s wise to flip it periodically. Spring cleaning is the perfect time!


With use, pillows can house bacteria and mold. If your pillows are machine washable, wash them and dry them completely. If they’re not washable, hand clean them or replace them with new ones.

Smoke Detectors/Alarms

Replace batteries in all smoke detector unit.


Outdoor Trash Cans

Wash out and disinfect trash cans to keep odors and pests away.

Furnace Filters

Time to replace or clean the filter for your furnace. This is also important to keep your furnace running efficiently.



Sort through boxes of stored items and clothing. Donate, sell or trash items as appropriate.

Sort and Organize

Use bins or boxes to keep like items together in an organized fashion so you can find them easily.


Keep all appliances raised up off the floor to prevent any electrical problems should there be water in the basement.


Light Fixtures

Check for burnt out bulbs, broken fixtures or damaged wires. Replace and repair as needed.


Clean all decks and walkways to remove any mildew that may have developed. If they are real bad, you may want to consider having them pressure washed.


Sweep away any cobwebs or nests. Wash down the walls.


Clean any areas of the siding that are weathered or stained. Again, like decks you may want to think about having your siding pressure washed. Pressure washing can make a discolored home look like new again!

Laundry Room

Washing Machine

Clean out your washing machine.


Vacuum out the lint trap of the dryer and clean the vents and exhaust as well.

There it is! Your spring cleaning checklist. Most of these services are easy do it yourself projects. However, some of them like carpet cleaning, pressure washing, window cleaning, etc., are sometimes better of left in the hands of the professionals. If that’s the case, consider giving ASJ a call. To receive your free estimate on any of these services, simply give us a call or click one of the “Get A Quote” buttons located throughout our site.