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Pressure Washing Your Home…No Need To Overthink It!

Go out and surf the web looking for information on why pressure washing is a “good idea” and you will find the answers all over the board. Everything from increasing lifespan of home materials (like concrete, siding, etc.) to protecting you and your family from mold and other harmful particulates. While these are likely plausible reasons (btw I have written articles on why removing particulates via pressure washing is important so I am passing no judgement), I think a lot of people overlook the largest benefit of pressure washing…..It cleans like nothing else and provides the curb appeal that every homeowner likes to see. Just take a look and see for yourself!


Why Use A Professional Instead Of Buying My Own Pressure Washer?

There are a lot of surfaces that you can pressure wash but there should be some thought into if the surface can handle the high pressure. Painted surfaces can very easily chip and become damaged if you do not use the right equipment, chemicals and techniques. Stone paths and pavers can be tricky because you can really damage the grout areas. Making sure that you have a professional that really knows their stuff is important. Like I said earlier, there are a ton of articles and information on pressure washing, but until you have done it as many times as a professional has and posses the equipment that comes with their experience, you will not end up with the same results.


Sidewalks, Siding, Patios & More

There is a lot of pride and satisfaction that comes with being a homeowner. One of those things is image. I know, I know, it sounds a bit shallow, but if you can wow a visitor with a sparkling, beaming example of a beautiful Hanover residence, it feels good! Clean siding and walkways can make a big difference in the way someone feels about entering a home. You can have the cleanest house in the world on the inside but if your siding is covered in algae there is an automatic assumption made by guests upon arrival that they may be walking into a dirty house.

Walkways and patios, on the other hand, typically go un-noticed unless they are really clean or really dirty. This is part of your landscaping and unless a yard is spectacular or in serious need of attention, guest typically don’t pay much attention. Something as simple as having very clean concrete or making sure that your pathways and sidewalks are free of algae can take a yard from “it’s nice” to “wow this is beautiful!”.

Overall pressure washing, or power washing, is something that does have both practical and aesthetic validity. A homeowner should have their home pressure washed at least once every year as we really do experience every season to the fullest here in Hanover, PA. These radical changes in humidity, temperature and leaves, lots and lots of leaves,(pause for dramatic effect) mean that our homes take a beating both physically and aesthetically. To do any less would leave your home susceptible to foreign contaminates and potentially leave you with a larger clean up down the road!

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