Twas January When All Through The House, It Was A Mess And There Was A Stain On The Couch!

So the holidays are behind us. All the relatives have gone home, the decorations and ornaments have been carefully packed and placed in their home for the next 11 months and your christmas tree has probably met it’s demise at the hands of your local refuse company. Cleanup is tedious but you do it anyway to reclaim your living space that was once temporary housing for a relative or home to the family christmas tree. But all that extra traffic leaves behind more than what your can see on the surface. With spring cleaning only a few months out it is hard to justify doing a deep cleaning now, right?

A great suggestion is to reevaluate your spring cleaning regiment and consider doing your interior deep cleaning in January. Just save all of that exterior cleaning for spring cleaning. This will split up the load and create less stress come spring! Think about the workout your home experienced with all of the holidays. The large meals that were cooked, the extra people running in and out of the home and not to mention all of the pollen and dirt from the tree!

Now I am not saying that it is imperative that you clean out your closets and dust the ceilings, but why not knock out some of the items that received a heavy workout over the holidays? We created a good checklist to follow when doing your post-holiday deep cleaning for reference and placed it below. Hope it helps!

Post-Holiday Deep Cleaning Checklist

  • Open Windows – If it is not still too cold out of course! Leave them open for a few hours and let the house air out really good and get some fresh air in. After all, with the extra guests your home probably got a bit more use than normal.
  • Clean Bathroom Surfaces – Wash the bathtub really good, scrub down the toilette, polish up the sink, clean the mirrors and make sure to get the doorknobs!
  • Wash all of your windows – If it is still cold out just wash the interior, you will get the outside in your spring regiment. Besides, the if you have small children in the family there are more than likely little fingerprints on the lower portion of most of your windows. You might also think about pulling all of the screens and cleaning them as well.
  • Clean all of your window coverings and curtains – With more traffic comes more dust. Pulling down all of your window coverings/curtains and cleaning them can reduce allergens in the air and give a cleaner look to any room.
  • Clean the Kitchen:
    • Pull everything out of the drawers, clean the drawers and put everything back neatly – Toss out or donate what you don’t use or need anymore
    • Clean and organize the fridge and cabinets – Make sure to throw away whatever is past the expiry date.
    • Clean under the fridge and stove – I always find my cats secret stash of improvised toys under the stove, always good for a laugh.
    • Clean stove top and oven – If you are like most houses through the holidays, your oven and stovetop probably got A LOT of use. Make sure you pull everything apart and clean those hard to reach areas.
    • Clean microwave – One of the greatest parts of big holiday meals are the leftovers! But when they are reheated in the microwave they often leave a pretty good mess behind.
    • Clean the Crumbs out of the toaster
    • Wash and shine the sink
  • Clean up the dining area – A lot went on in the dining room over the holidays. Cleaning the chair cushions, polishing the table, dusting the other furniture in the room and cleaning the floors are probably all good ideas.
  • Vacuum and spot clean all of your sofas – Having all of those people over put extra butts in your seats.
  • Clean those carpets – You can rent a carpet cleaner but I suggest biting the bullet and hiring a professional carpet cleaning service to handle the job. That way you know it is done right!

Of course there are a few things that could be added to this list but you get the idea. Don’t want to do the work? Call us over at ASJ Cleaning and we will take care of all of the deep cleaning for you!
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