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Scotchgard is a magical thing. You spray it on and just like that, your carpet or upholstery is protected by an invisible shield! It repels and blocks stains, resists soiling, and keeps your carpet and upholstery looking newer for longer. With a rag and some water, you can clean up most spills. No more stains and scrubbing! And most importantly, Scotchgard won’t affect the way your carpet looks of feels. With the cold weather upon us, it may be wise to be as vigilant as possible when cleaning and Scotchgard is just one more tool to be used in your arsenal. We are going to over some of the benefits of using Scotchgard.

Easier Cleanup

Accidents and spills are going to happen! It does make them much easier when Scotchgard is on your side. Applying Scotchgard to your carpets and furniture will help release more stains when having carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned by allowing spills to blot before staining. It helps carpet fibers resist soiling. It will even make vacuuming more effective.

Durability and Protection

Using Scotchgard will even lengthen the life of your upholstery, rugs, furniture, and carpets. It adds a layer of protection against dirt, water damage, mold, bacteria, and oil and water-based stains. Scotchgard can also be used on hard surfaces like stone, tile and grout, concrete floors, and kitchen and bathroom floors.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Using Scotchgard can help to improve the indoor air quality in your home or business. Many people take it upon themselves to try and clean their furniture, carpets, etc… but they use improper cleaning products or methods that actually do more harm than good. You don’t have that problem when using Scotchgard.


You should apply Scotchgard at least once a year. In the long-run, you will save money on professional cleaning. Schedule regular professional cleaning for your entire office/home and ask for Scotchgard protection for your carpets, floors and furniture. Doing this will help keep them cleaner for a longer period of time and should limit the amount of times you need to have professional cleaning done.

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