Ready For Fall Cleaning?

Summer is on its way out and fall is fast approaching. As much as we love warm summer days, fall brings with it a cool breeze and sweater weather! However, this year you may want to look into doing some fall cleaning. Yes, fall cleaning, not spring. Think about it, we put so much time into deep cleaning our homes in the spring, but we rarely think to do the same for fall and winter. I would think that would be just as important. We are going to go over 5 reasons why fall cleaning is just as important as spring cleaning.

Cleaning Up Before You Close Down

Before closing up your home for the winter months, get a good deep cleaning in to remove all the dust, dirt, pollen and muck that has been accumulating through the summer. You defiantly don’t want to get stuck in your home with all of that – especially if you have allergies.
– Check and clean the air filters, exhaust fans and range hood.
– Wash the windows, walls, doors, baseboards, crown moldings, etc.
– Wipe down the blinds, wash the curtains, and clean the ceiling fans, floors and carpets.
– Get behind and under furniture like couches, beds, bookshelves, etc.

Get Rid Of Junk

Right now is the perfect time to get rid of some of that junk that has been building up in your home. We can all admit that somewhere in our homes, we have stuff that we don’t have an answer to why we keep it. Have a yard sale, sell it on craigslist, do whatever you have to do to get it out of your home. Some of us like to do this once a year but think about how much easier it would be if we did it twice rather than only once.

Eliminate Those Pesky Creatures

Our homes tend to get invaded during the summer and become homes for critters like bugs, spiders, flies, etc. Fall cleaning is the perfect time to get rid of them before they get trapped in with you during the winter.
– Vacuum and wipe down all the corners and creases at the ground and ceiling level.
– Wash the window sills.
– Make sure you get the closets where they are most likely to be found!

Get The Outside Ready

All those pool days, cookouts, and garden work really takes a toll on our homes. Fall cleaning is a great time to clean up, touch up and get things stored away for the winter.
– Wash the windows and check gutters for any debris.
– Clean and put away patio furniture, grill, drain and store garden hose, wash trash cans, etc.
– Clean and inspect interior door ways. Check caulking and weather stripping, and replace if necessary.

Get Ready To Get Cozy

Now that all the hard work is done. Get the blankets and sweaters out and get ready for those cozy nights sitting by the fire. Wash the bedding and pillows, flip the mattresses, and clean the upholstery, so that everything is clean and fresh!

Makes sense as to why fall cleaning is just as important as spring cleaning doesn’t it? If you find yourself doing your fall cleaning and need some assistance on things like carpet cleaning, window cleaning, upholstery cleaning, etc. Consider giving ASJ a call. We have been providing residential cleaning services to the south central PA and northern MD regions for over 20 years. If you’re interested in receiving a free estimate, click one of our “Get A Quote” buttons or simply give us a call at 717-632-2241!

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