Deionized Water Window Cleaning

For the longest time, the industry standard for commercial and residential window cleaning has been to use a chemical solution, mixed with tap water, and a squeegee to get that streak-free shine that our customers love! While that method will always get the job done, there is now a more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative; deionized water.

What Is Deionized Water Window Cleaning?

ASJ Commercial Window Cleaning Services Hanover PA, York PA, Gettysburg PAThe tap water that is normally used with window cleaning contains small traces of minerals. While these minerals found in tap water are ideal for drinking, they are the same minerals that lead to streaks and residue when cleaning windows.

So what happens when water is deionized? Well, it’s pretty simple actually. The minerals are removed! Ensuring a streak-free shine every time. However, that’s not even the best part. What makes the deionization process unique is its ability to essentially turn the water into a magnet for dirt and grime. This is perfect for window cleaning because it eliminates the need for chemical cleansers.

What Are Some Other Benefits Of Deionized Water Window Cleaning?

ASJ Commercial & Residential Window Cleaning Services Hanover, PAFor starters, NO MORE SQUEEGEE! Since our deionized water systems utilize a irrigated pole and brush, we are now able to do second and even third level story windows without the use of a ladder. Which also means there are certain commercial accounts that can be serviced without the use of a lift or scaffolding. The less time we have in setup and equipment leads to us servicing accounts at a much faster rate.

There are also other services besides window cleaning that can benefit from deionized water cleaning. One of those services is pressure washing. Or as we like to call it “soft washing”. We often get customers who call in looking for pressure washing for their home but have a sensitive siding material that cannot handle the force of a pressure washer. Many times, our deionized water cleaning systems can achieve the same results as pressure washing without the force that could potentially damage your home.

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Want to see the system in action? Check out the video below to see the magic!