Residential Window Cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning In Hanover, York, Gettysburg and Surrounding Areas

Are you still taking time away from your busy schedule to take care of your own window cleaning? Hopefully not, with ASJ only a phone call away, there is no need for that. We all live busy lives and the majority of us simply don’t have the time to do a chore such as window cleaning. For those of us who do have the time, often don’t have the proper resources or knowledge to receive the same results you would get from a professional window cleaning company. That’s fine though unless you have worked in the industry you don’t realize how difficult window cleaning the proper way can often be. Let us take one more chore off your back so that you can get back to doing more important things in life.

Benefits of Window Cleaning

  • Enhances your view of the outside

  • Brightens up the inside of your home
  • Extends the life of your windows, screens, sills, etc.
  • Better heat efficiency
  • Increase your home’s curb appeal

Service Types

Here are a few of the most common service types our customers ask for. However, we can do just about any combination you can think

  • Interior Only
  • Exterior Only, Sills Wiped
  • Interior and Exterior Only
  • Interior and Exterior, Sills Wiped
  • Interior and Exterior, Sills Wiped, Screens Cleaned


How often should you have your windows cleaned? That’s the magic question and we get it all the time! There are so many factors that come into play when it comes to your windows getting dirty. What we like to tell our customers is, it’s up to you! Every home is different and it’s really a matter of opinion. Here are a few of the most common window cleaning frequency’s our customers choose:


  • Quarterly (Normally consists of 4 exterior cleanings and 2 interior cleanings per year)
  • Twice Yearly (2 exterior cleanings and 1 interior cleaning per year)
  • Monthly (12 exterior cleanings and 2 or 3 interior cleanings per year)
  • Yearly (1 interior and 1 exterior cleaning per year)

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We are proud to say that a majority of our customers are repeat customers from over the years that we have built great relationships with. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t like to schedule a one-time service… in fact, we love to!  We feel confident that once you use our service’s once, you will come back for many years to come. To get your free estimate, simply click one of our request of quote buttons and schedule your appointment today!

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