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November 27, 2013

We would like to thank and acknowledge Asj Emergency Restoration Services. Those who work for this company understand the value of ‘getting your home back to normal.’ Within an hour of calling and asking them to care for major water damage in our house on the morning of May 26th, a crew had come to our home to begin the ‘drying out process.’ From the first meeting it was clear that Asj felt our suffering and knew what to do to help us reclaim our home.
During the time Asj was working with us, we noticed how attentive they were to our needs and how hard they worked with such high quality of professionalism. It’s not unusual to find things you aren’t happy with after a work crew has left your home, things that have been disregarded or details left unattended but thats not the case with Asj’s crew. They put our home back to exactly the way it was before that awful morning. To all of those in Asj who have been in our home getting things ‘back to normal’, thank you for your caring, professionalism and understand of the needs of those you help.