November 27, 2013

During the past two months I have had the pleasure of working with the staff of ASJ. The first occurrence was due to the storms and wind of this past year. Our home was discovered to need replacement of a roof. After this task was completed we were at a loss as to what to do because every room in our home needed to have the ceiling painted. Someone suggested that we contact ASJ. I contacted them and they responded quickly. They did a fine job with the painting and we talked about the possibility of replacing carpet in my living and family room. The project manager for both projects was Casey J. Foreman. She handled both programs as a real professional. We talked about the time frame of having the floors completed in two days. She originally suggested that it would take three days, after we talked about my problem, she made the project happen in two. I was very pleased with the jobs that were completed. If anyone would like to speak to me about ASJ Emergency, I would be happy to have my phone number given to you by the company to contact me.