decorating-the-christmas-treeThere is a lot of speculation on the actual origins of the Christmas tree but one thing is for sure, they are beautiful and they inspire many people as a true symbol of the holidays. During the holidays we often hold to traditions and focus on joy, happiness & giving, but there is a great possibility of tragic consequences if we are not careful to properly care for this holiday icon.

Did you know that half of a christmas trees weight is water before it is cut? When you cut a christmas tree you sever its source to nearly half of what composes the tree itself! This can dry out the tree and create a major fire hazard in your home. Below is a list of things you can do to ensure that your tree is properly cared for and reduce the chances of your beloved Christmas Tree making your holiday a difficult one!

Make sure that you place your tree in a sturdy reservoir base:
There is no way to stop a tree from losing it moister after it is cut, but you can slow the process down. Placing the tree in a base that has a reservoir and regularly checking the water level will ensure that your tree has the means to stay hydrated.

Make a fresh cut before placing your tree in the stand:
When you get home with your tree cut a 1/2 inch disk off of the bottom of the trunk prior to placing your tree in the stand. This will make sure that the tree trunk has a fresh surface to draw water with. The process of transporting your tree can bruise and get the surface of the cut area dirty. This will cause adverse effects and reduce your trees ability to pull water from the reservoir.

Create a safe space in your home for your tree:
Make sure to find a safe place to put your tree away from open flames and heat sources. Your tree might look pretty next to fireplace but probably not a good idea! Make sure that your electrical outlets are not going to be too close or overloaded.

Use safe decorations:
Make sure to use indoor lights on your tree and check all of your strands prior to placing them on the tree. Check for frayed wired or look connections. If any of your lights look worn out, replace them! Also use care not to place paper or flammable decorations on your tree while touching a light bulb. Place all breakable ornaments out of young children and pets reach.

The most important thing to remember when decorating your tree is to simply use common sense! Make sure to protect your family and home from potential disaster by following some simple steps and have a very merry Christmas!

Oh and just in case you are wondering what could happen if your tree ever did catch fire here is a video for reference!