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Basement Remodeling Done Right!

Basement Remodeling and Basement Finishing can be a very rewarding endeavor that can add more living space to your home as well as increase its overall value. Also, unlike many other remodeling projects like kitchen or bathroom remodeling, it is relatively un-inconveniencing. It mostly happens in a part of the house that is not used on a day to day basis and, with good dust control, you barely know that anything is even going on.

Basement Finishing & Basement Remodeling projects can be a very financially wise investment as well. If you need more living space there really is only two choices; home additions and basement finishing. Basement finishing in most cases is going to be the lower cost of the two because there is already at least four walls, basic electrical, plumbing and typically some sort of flooring. It also typically returns approximately 75% of your investment back into the value of the home.

While this project is a great choice, there are some “Do’s” & “Don’ts” you should follow:

  • Do leave the area around your HVAC system unfinished. This will avoid code violations not to mention a major eyesore. You might also leave a little extra area unfinished for storage.
  • Don’t simply cover up problems that exist like mold mildew or dry-rot. Leaving these issues untreated/un-repaired can lead to much larger issues down the road. Best thing to do is have a professional basement contractor come out to take a look at your basement and asses its overall health.
  • Do make sure that moisture issues are taken care of before you begin. Basements are notorious for moisture control issues like seepage, condensation on the walls and flooding. If these issues exist in your basement you will want to have a contractor install things like water barriers, sump pumps, drainage systems and possibly an encapsulation.
  • Don’t forget about the lighting! Basements by their very nature don’t receive very much natural light. Make sure you discuss lighting at length with your basement remodeling contractor to make sure that you create sufficient lighting to achieve your goal in finishing or remodeling your basement.
  • Do check all the local codes! Nothing is worse than spending a bunch of money on a basement remodeling project only to find that everything is halted while you wait for a permit or an inspector to come in. Remodeling already requires a good bit of patients but these interruptions are enough to drive anyone to insanity!
  • Don’t get your heart set on a specific set of furniture. Unless you can assemble the furniture yourself in the basement it might be too big to fit down the stairs. Entryways are typically tight and it is never fun to have your furniture delivered only to find out it doesn’t fit!
  • Do get your basement tested for radon. Radon is a cancer causing agent that resides naturally in soil and water. The presence of radon might be more concentrated in the basement where your home actually touches the ground. Odds are it is nothing to worry about but it is better to be safe than sorry!

Just like any home improvement project it is important to set a budget before you start. A lot of these do’s and don’ts can have potentially big price tags to fix. It is important to make sure you address some of these concerns before you begin your basement remodeling or basement finishing project.

If you are looking for a quality contractor that can check the health of your basement, complete any repairs needed and complete your basement remodeling or basement finishing project correctly and on time, give ASJ a call! We have technicians with over two decades of experience to help you achieve the man cave, media room or billiards room of your dreams!

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