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Winter is the season when many people will spend more time indoors, and it’s also a time of the year when many home maintenance and cleaning tasks seem to be most beneficial. There are a few things you as a homeowner can do to help make your home more comfortable through the winter months. Below, we are going to go over some examples of task’s you can do to make your winter more enjoyable.


Due to the fact that your windows will remain mostly closed throughout the winter, dust will build up on home surfaces more than usual. This might be a good time to more than your average weekly dusting. Dust is not only ugly and filthy, it can also contribute to many health problems. A home that has a lot of dust can cause harmful effects to someone with respiratory issues such as asthma. When dusting, try to keep in mind the surfaces that will collect the most dust. These surfaces are usually ceiling fans, desks, television sets, light fixtures, photo frames and other surfaces that get little attention.

Air Duct Cleaning

Before and after pictures of dust removed from residential ducts by ASJ in York, PA Air duct cleaning isn’t something most homeowners will not be able to do themselves. It’s still something important that you as a homeowner should consider if you haven’t had it done in two years or longer. Your air ducts are constantly circulating air throughout your home. If they’re dirty while doing so, than you are just continuously allowing dirt back into your home. Clean air ducts will not only function more efficiently, but they will also help to stop circulating mold, dust and other contaminants through your home.

Furnace Cleaning

The majority of homeowners understand how important it’s to have their furnace cleaned before the winter time. However, only few know that it’s also a good idea to change the filter once every month throughout the winter months. Changing your furnace’s filter will help to maintain a clean, dust-free area around the furnace.

Floor and Carpet Cleaning

ASJ professional carpet cleaning service in Hanover, York, Gettysburg PA The winter months are harsh on any floor type. Not only is there more dust being circulated through the house, normal tracking through your home will now contain everything from mud to snow. One thing you can do as a homeowner is keep up with sweeping and vacuuming regularly. It also may be beneficial to hire a professional floor cleaning service. A professional floor cleaning service will be able to get that ground-in dirt lingering deep in your carpets fibers. Many floor cleaning services can also do many different services for hardwood, vinyl, ceramic, etc.

Those were just a few of the most common winter cleaning tasks that homeowners can do during the winter. If you are interested in other cleaning services, check out ASJ’s website! ASJ has been providing all forms of cleaning services for more than two decades. If you are considering hiring a professional cleaning service for any of the talked about services, give ASJ a call. We’ll be happy to come out at your convenience to provide you with your 100% free estimate!


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