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When you think of professional window cleaning, what do you think of? More than likely, you imagine someone with a ladder and a squeegee. However, like many other industries, window cleaning has made advancements and can now be performed better, faster, safer and more environmentally friendly.

Commercial & Residential Window Cleaning Services Hanover, PAModern window cleaning is now done with a special water fed pole system and deionized water to clean windows safely from the ground. A soft bristled brush is used to scrub the dirt off the glass, while jets of pure water rinse the window. This pure (deionized water) not only cleans off the dirt more efficiently, it also dries to a spot-free finish as it has no impurities like tap water.

If you’re interested in reading more about how this deionization process works, check out our deionized water cleaning page on our website here.

Advantages Of Using Deionized Water For Window Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly– no detergents or any chemical is used, just pure water.
Efficient– cleaning with an irrigated pole in some cases can be up to 50% faster than using a ladder. This eliminates most of the interruption to staff or the general public.
Better Cleaning– using the brush that is attached to the irrigated pole means window frames and surrounds are also cleaned.
Safety– with different pole lengths, we are now able to reach areas that were not reachable without the usage of a ladder. (Even though our technicians have no trouble using a ladder!) this is great for certain commercial facilities that have to be compliant with different safety laws.

So pretty much, deionized water cleaning is a huge game changer! But, not only for window cleaning. We can also use our deionized water cleaning system for other services. Such as washing/scrubbing buildings exterior. We have many customers who have sensitive exterior material that cannot take the pressure of a standard pressure washer. Our deionized water cleaning system does a beautiful job of making these services possible. Check out the video below to see the system in action

If you would like further details or a free quote on using this modern, environmentally friendly system for cleaning then click here.

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