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Having Your Commercial & Office Space Cleaned Regularly Is Good For Your Bottom Line

Keeping a clean work environment is important for a hodgepodge of reasons but the reality is it will increase your bottom line for two primary reasons. First, your staff will perform more efficiently and secondly, it instils a positive image of your organization to potential business partners and clientele. Below we go into a bit more detail on how a professional cleaning service accomplishes these tasks.

A Healthy Employee Is A Happy Employee

While hiring a professional cleaning company will not help with managing issues like vacation time, health benefits and overall operations, it will help with keeping your employees health level up and sick days down. Keeping the office clean and free of dust reduces the spread of potentially harmful germs including the flu and common cold. Keeping a healthy bottom line means making sure that your employees are at work, a difficult task if the flu is floating around. Also, if there is a lot of dust in the work environment, your employees might also experience issues with allergies. It is difficult to focus on being creative and productive if they have itchy watery eyes, are constantly sneezing or plagued with blocked sinuses!

People will still get sick, you can’t avoid that, but a regular cleaning schedule will reduce the spread of the illness. Reducing the spread of germs will keep your employees on the job reducing sick pay, lost productivity and a healthier bottom line.

A Happy Employee Is A Productive Employee

Clean workstations will always increase moral. After all, no one likes working in a filthy office! There are already a plethora of distractions that exist in a workplace and losing productivity because you can’t find something is just plain frustrating. Reducing clutter, regularly cleaning the floors and dusting all help with keeping your employees focused and happy.

Increase Conversion By Keeping A Clean Office

Say you were shopping between a few different vendors. All of them had the product or service you were looking for, and all of them were competitively priced. But one of them had a nice clean office, free of clutter and a great presentation. You would probably purchase from this vendor. Keeping your office clean and clutter free is important to your corporate image. Most people do not notice a clean office, but almost everyone notices a dirty one. If your offices are dirty and cluttered your customers and business partners will automatically assume that if you do not put care into your office, how can they trust you to care if you provide a good service to them. Keeping a clean office will instill trust and, in turn, increase your conversion rate and your bottom line.

Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company to asses your needs and build a proper cleaning regiment for you company could be a very wise investment. If you are looking to increase your bottom line, give us a call! ASJ has been providing professional cleaning services to South Central PA for over 20 years. Our highly trained staff can help you find the right solution for your business!

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