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You want your business displayed in a positive light. Part of your business presence is the appearance of your office to both employees and clients. Even if clients never enter your business, carpeting should not be ignored. Using a commercial carpet cleaning service will give you a better looking and healthier office.

Types Of Office Environments

Business offices can host clients all day long or only have an occasional customer visit. If you have a manufacturing plant, your offices may never have any public traffic. Even so, foot traffic brings dirt, wears out carpeting, and can even make your workplace unhealthy.

Office owners may not be concerned about the appearance or health of the carpet due to infrequent public access. However, your employees pay attention to their environment every day, and what they see matters. The dirt and debris they track in matters as well.

If your office is attached to a manufacturing area, consider what debris is being transferred from those floors to your office carpet. Oils, metal or plastic shavings, and chemical residues can become deposited from foot traffic.

Vacuuming Alone Does Not Work

You may have a service that vacuums your entire office area once or twice a week. This is a good start, but it does not solve the problem of a dirty carpet. Carpets should be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months: your office is probably overdue for a commercial carpet cleaning appointment.

Think about the average number of family members in a household and compare that number to your employees and customers. Now add in eight hours or more a day of constant foot traffic in an office. Everything a vacuum does not pick up continues to set deeper into your carpet.

Any abrasive particles grind further into the fibers, wearing out your carpeting prematurely. Spill and oily residue become deeply set stains. Your customers or clients will notice this: It becomes part of the overall impression of your business.

Your employees are aware of their surroundings. A cleaning service may be doing an excellent job emptying the trash and dusting, but the carpet will remain unkempt without professional cleaning. When you properly maintain the carpet, employees will recognize that you care and may even be inclined to take better care of their personal spaces.


In addition to regular vacuuming missing debris and oily or liquid residue, vacuuming does nothing to remove bacteria in your office carpet. Liquids can lead to mold growth, and bacteria can cause health complications.

Bacteria can thrive in dirty carpeting. According to Men’s Health, your carpet could contain up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch. Carpet can also house viruses, including norovirus, which causes stomach flu. Failure to have your carpets cleaned professionally really can lead to employees illnesses. These same illnesses can affect any clients or customers who frequent your business.

Finally, odors and allergens also build up in carpet. Professional cleaning removes the source of the odors and the allergens, instead of just covering them up with an air freshener. Let your office put its best foot forward with regular commercial carpet cleaning.